Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What is So Scary about Municipal Consolidation?

Maybe we have hardened ourselves to the fact that nothing will change in NJ. We are known for our high property taxes, defined by our highway exits and corruption that gives us the name 'Soprano State'

Our high property taxes are a result of having hundreds of small, inefficient local governments and everyone has to pay for them. We are a 'Home Rule' state, so we have Mayors who will fight tooth and nail for their fiefdoms. We have residents who continually say their town is run much better than the next town over....until they move. 

But the number 1 reason NJ has made little progress on reducing the number of towns through municipal consolidation is fear of change and fear of loss of local control. 

But fear also makes us unable to move or think differently. We become paralysed.  So we are like deer in headlights. And we have enough deer in NJ. 

Maybe we enjoy complaining and paying exhorbinant property taxes because we're 'Jersey'.

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