Wednesday, January 4, 2017

$1,000 Challenge Grant

Courage to Connect NJ

Do you have ideas on how to reduce property taxes?  Here is your opportunity!
  • Be Heard
  • Be Rewarded
  • Be Recognized
  • Make an impact on NJ

Courage to Connect NJ is offering $1,000 grants for your ideas. 
We are challenging everyone in New Jersey to share their ideas to reduce property taxes.

Does this sound familiar?
  • "I can't do it any more, my property taxes are too HIGH, I have to move." RDP
  • "It takes almost half of my Social Security checks. And for that reason, it is foolish for me to stay in NJ now that I am retired. I need to move, but I like my homeheavy-black-heart.png." JS

We are hearing too many of these stories. Make your New Year's Resolution one that can help everyone in New Jersey!

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It's your turn to change New Jersey!

Courage to Connect NJ