Friday, April 17, 2015

Scary Alternatives for Struggling Towns

Last week Governor Christie signed into law "The Water Infrasture Protection Act" which allows the sale of municipal water and municipal sewage treatment plants to private entities. 
Three things you need to know about this law. 

Our small inefficient towns are struggling to stay afloat. This law allows towns to sell our assets to a corporation and its shareholders that 'We the taxpayers' have built and maintained for years. 

Okay... Will the private companies put service over profit?

The law also takes away the provision that 'We the taxpayers' will be able to vote on the sale. If you do not like the idea you will have to petition (very quickly) to let the people decide. 

Okay... So where is the local control?

The third thing you need to know is now the Board of Public Utilities no longer has ANY oversight on how much of the purchase price and transaction costs will be passed on to 'You the taxpayer'.

Okay...Local government win, private business wins, and 'We the taxpayers' lose. 

Selling our municipal assets and privatization will soon threaten your town.  It is already happening in mine. 

Consolidation vs. Privatization 

You choose. 

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