Friday, December 16, 2016

A Century-Old Idea That Can Rejuvenate NJ With Lower Property Taxes?


A century-old idea that can rejuvenate NJ with lower property taxes?


Ridiculous? With 565 municipalities and 591 school districts, there can be no hope for NJ taxpayers to reduce their property taxes


But wait. If NJ can reduce the number of towns by 300, that would mean approximately 1,800 fewer elected officials with stipends, health insurance and pensions, 300 fewer town administrators, 300 fewer clerks, 300 fewer police departments, 300 fewer planning boards hiring hundreds of planners, attorneys, and environmental and transportation consultants, etc.Would that save taxpayer money?


But wait. Since NJ is the only state in the country with hundreds of separate K-8 school districts. Maybe NJ can reduce the number of separate school districts by 300. That would mean approximately 300 fewer superintendents, 300 fewer business administrators, etc. 

Would that save taxpayer money?


Maybe that old idea of municipal consolidation and school regionalization  is a direction NJ needs to go in this Century!


Keep checking our website for two exciting developments:

1- the soon to be published book “A Tale of Two Tigers,” about Princeton’s consolidation by former Princeton Township Mayor Chad Goerner; talks, receptions to be held in conjunction with the book launch.
2- An Idea contest for innovative ideas that would reduce property taxes  five cash prizes of $1,000 each for the best ideas; details


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