Thursday, June 23, 2016

NJ Breaking News- The Hills wants Out

The Hills Condo Development located in both Bedminster and Basking Ridge, has applied to the State of NJ to become its own town. 

The residents cite 'Local Control' as the main reason and a close second is they want their own Police Dept. 
Ralph, who serves as a Separation Commisioner says, "It will make the police much more responsive just because 'The Hills Police Department' is on the side of the SUV when it passes our houses."
Ralph is on a rant, "We want our own Town Hall with employees and parking. Enough of these special assessments and HOA fees, we want to pay high taxes only. Enough of a volunteer condo board, we want a paid Mayor and Council with full medical benefits!!"

The State of NJ's response by a DCA representative who wants to remain anonymous says, "This is NOT 1895 when anyone could just form a town for any silly reason. We can't go back to splitting Chester and Chester Boro and Mendham and Mendham Boro and Washington and Washington Boro, it was like cloning local governments back in the 19th century. It is 2016 and times have changed."

But the Hill's Development 'Separation Commission Chair' cites the over 400 towns that are incorporated in 2016 with fewer than the Hill's 4,728 Households. How ridiculous is it that Loch Arbour is a town and only has two blocks? They have a Mayor and a Governing body. Why can't we???"

The Chair Suzie Beecham continues, "If we are going to pay increasingly Higher taxes, than we want TOTAL Local Control!! We want to solve our Two town Identity issues once and for all.  And I want to be Mayor." Don't you think Mayor  Beecham sounds better then a Chair. 

Sounds like a plan from 1895. 

Hopefully this fable made you laugh at why NJ has 565 local governments. Then you can cry when you get your next tax bill.


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